Coachella 2013

As a team we spent weeks preparing for this festival and the rig was freaking enormous.  This was my first show seeing the Sharpy Wash which at the time was spoken of as the “Color Mixing Sharpy”.  I learned real quickly this weekend that wasn’t the fixture we were all hoping for.  When I showed up for programming maybe half of them were working and by show time they were going down all night with stuck color and dimmer flags.  Eventually these issue with the fixture were fixed but this was I believe the first set of them in the U.S.  I remember this show was absolute bonkers and it was a million degrees in there.  The first photo in the series ironically I got flack over because of the uneven coverage on the audience and it ended up being one of the more iconic photos of that artists career and was used by many publications.  I had spent the night before meticulously making sure the audience was evenly covered in light for this photo but at show time the video team decided to flood the room with yellow which is what you see primarily in this photo.

Photos by Rukes &  Dave Vann


Bassnectar – Coachella 2013