Immersion Tour 2013

The Immersion Tour was intended to “Immerse” the audience more in the experience and so from a design perspective I wanted to get the rig out over the audience and expand upon the mirror ball and mac 401 bounce mirrors concept.  We started with 3 of these custom 401s and I moved them throughout the tour but the primarily there were 2 on the floor and 1 in the center of the circle truss over the DJ booth.  I was operating video as well at this point using Arkaos so the labeled MIDI keyboard you see below was to fire video cues that had words on them.  Because the video was not sync’d at this point we would start a video at the beginning of a song and if it the video had a timed word in it I would fire that cue separately using the keyboard.

Andrew Cass – LD
Crew Chief = James Poepping
Lighting Tech = Bryce


Bassnectar – Immersion Tour 2013