Billy & The Kids

Red Rocks 2021

This show had a really short amount of lead time so I needed to do something impactful that was still reasonable without months of planning time so I decided to call on Dustin Klein from Papadosio to help me with projection mapping on the rocks.  He had reached out to me a few months earlier and so I went to his show and was impressed by his video work.  Once that was in place I reached out to the Scott Hedstrom from Microdose VR and added him to the team and finally Paul Thomas to help me with the camera system.  We planned out signal paths via email and got together the day before the show at the Mission Ballroom for rehearsals.  During the show I operated all the lighting including the LEDs that illuminate the rocks on the side of the audience and my own Ai video system with 8 cameras and directed the video operators.  Dustin mixed the various video sources at his station and output the final signal to the projectors.

2 x 31k projectors

L1 and Design = Andrew Cass
Video and Projection Mapping = Dustin Klein
Microdose VR Operator = Scott Hedstrom
Camera Tech = Paul Thomas
Offsite Ai Programming = Chris Ruppel
Stream Director = Jonathan Healey
Lighting Tech = Joe Casper

Photos by Sam Silkworth and Jeremy Williams
Stream directed by Jonathan Healey


Billy and the Kids – Red Rocks 2021