Dr Dog


My first tour being programmer and operator for lighting designer Marc Janowitz.  The band made the backdrop and we probably took up half the trailer with lighting gear.  The music was really a departure for me and the first of many bands that I would go from never hearing to intricately loving in a tour.  The show changed slightly every night but the main songs would stay in their spots which helped me dial in the programming throughout the tour.  We really pushed it hard on this tour and did many days in a row of small venues but I loved it.  The work was hard but the band was really cool and Marc gave me freedom to make changes as long as I kept him informed which was cool. There aren’t a lot of photos from these shows but I learned a lot on this tour about dynamics.  Each song would have only 1 or 2 cues and the operating was more about dimmer swells and artistic color choices which really inspired some of my later work.


Dr. Dog – 2010