Red Rocks 2018

This rig was a change in design from the previous year and Clearwing really made it happen for this one.   Putting together a one off rig at Red Rocks with no focus time is a challenge but for this artist in particular I spend weeks of programming time leading up to the event so on show day all I’m really doing during setup is making sure the gear is as close to the plot as possible.  Unfortunately the Red Rocks wind didn’t want to play ball on this night and the moments of even haze distribution were few and far between.  It was still a great evening and I will always consider my time with this artist among some of my favorites.

19 x BMFL
12 x Impression X4
24 x Color Blast 12
7 x ALEDA Beye K20
80 x VDO Sceptron 10-1000
20 x Axiom Hybrid
15 x Atomic 3000
10 x 16″ Scoop
2 x Radience Hazer
6 x MDG The One
4 x Fogger

Andrew Cass – LD
L2 = Cassady Miller Halloran

Photos by Seth Watrous


Emancipator – Red Rocks 2018