Hulaween Festival


This one off design for the Hulaween festival was intended to fulfill the needs of the headliners and also to handle adverse weather conditions that we have dealt with in years past.   Clearwing Productions did a great job gettin this one up quickly and the logistics of the cable bridge in the design let us transition to a different setup for Bassnectar.

24 x BMFL
18 x Axiom hybrid
20 x JDC-1
24 x GLP Impression X4s
12 x Lightwave Phenom
16 x Altman 16″ Scoops
12 x Ovation E-260 CW 19
9 x 4 Lite Blinder
6 x Fogger
9 x Hazer

L1 = Andy Cass
L2 = Chris Ruppel
Camera Operator = Paul Thomas
Head Lighting Tech = Matt Beadenkopf
Lighting Tech = Mollie Clevidence

Photos by Keith Griner

Concerts SCI

Hulaween Festival 2019