The String Cheese Incident

Chicago 2017

This was an amazing show over the thanksgiving holiday and one of the only times I got to use Phenoms indoors with SCI so they are very prevalent in the jams.  This was just the right sized rig for this room and was one of the first times my company also shot the show using a rented camera system.  BNP was the vendor on this with Lightwave Research providing the lasers.

18 Elation Protron 3K Color LED Strobe
6 Elation SixPar 200 IP
12 Elation ZCL 360i
3 Generic Hazer
12 Lightwave Phenom
18 Martin MAC Axiom Hybrid
18 Martin MAC III Profile
7 Martin MAC Quantum Wash
12 Mega Systems Bright Stripe

Andrew Cass – LD
L2 = Cassady Miller Halloran
Head Lighting Tech = Chris Ruppel

Photos by Josh Skolnik , Aaron Bradley, and Brady Cooling

Concerts SCI

SCI – Chicago 2017