Hulaween Festival


Hula 2018 was a complicated design to be able to handle the needs of SCI, Jamiroquai, Janelle Monae, and Odesza.  The ladders moved positions for the Jamiroquai camp, Odesza had to be able to hang their centerpiece, and Janelle Monae had a floor package.  It took a long time to get this rig in the air but once it was up there it was much better in the weather then some of my previous designs for this stage.

20 x Viper Profile
8 x X4Bar
32 x JDC1
16 x Quantum Wash
28 x Axiom Hybrid
20 x ACL 360 Bar
18 x Beye K20
10 x Mole
18 x Q7
7 x Hazer
5 x Fogger

Andrew Cass – LD

Photos by Keith Griner

Concerts SCI

Hulaween Festival 2018