The String Cheese Incident

New Years 2014 – 2015

For new years we added a huge hexagonal truss around FOH and put pyro on it.   This was pretty complex from a rigging perspective and getting everything on there and tested by show day was a challenge.  There was an inhouse projector which I lined up with saber output which you can see in some of the photos from these shows.  For the shebang they hung this ENORMOUS flower from the roof and it came down over the crowd and turned on.  I remember this show being special and full of energy and the shebang was explosive.

12 x Ellipsoidal
36 x Ayrton MagicBlade-R
16 x Ayrton MagicPanel 602
29 x Chauvet COLORband PIX
6 x Clay Paky Beye K20
18 x Clay Paky Sharpy
8 x 4 Lite
48 x PAR 64
17 x Martin Atomic 3k Strobe
18 x Martin Mac III Profile
4 x Haze

8 x ACLS
8 x Atomic 3k Strobe
12 x Martin Mac III Profile
16 x Moles
12 x Clay Paky Sharpy

Andrew Cass – LD

Upstaging did the main rig which I think was Matt Helmick and someone else.

The circle over the audience was crew chief by Chris Ruppel and ???

Photos by NO Coast, Dylan Langille

Concerts SCI

SCI – New Years 2014-2015