The String Cheese Incident

New Years 2015-2016

The 3D video wall new years will go down in SCI history as one of the better things we ever did.  The basis behind the design was a 47′ wide and 15.5′ tall video wall that you could send a regular video signal to or a 3D signal which could be viewed by the audience wearing 3D glasses.  At the time this technology was very new and we had a limited amount of 3D content available so I tried to spread it out throughout the shows.  I knew the video wall was going to blow out the light rig so I added two additional triangle trusses with lights out over the audience to spread out the rig.  This was the first time I used a camera in the video system and I just took a feed from the stream guys so whatever shot they wanted is what I got.  I learned quickly this was not ideal but it sparked my interest in this concept.

24 x Robe Robin BMFL Spot
6 x Martin Quantum Wash
19 x Martin Atomic 3k Strobe
12 x Ayrton CosmoPix-R
24 x Clay Paky Sharpy
24 x ACL
14 x Altman Ellipsoidal
12 x Martin Mac 700 Profile
17 x 4 Lite Moles
16 x Martin Stagebar 54L
163 x Upstaging Saber
9 x Hazer

Andrew Cass – LD

Photos by Brady Cooling, Dylan Langille, No Coast

Concerts SCI

SCI – New Years 2015-2016