The String Cheese Incident

Red Rocks 2017

This was probably the most logistically complex show I ever did with SCI and that was because of the projection and the venue.   I’ve always wanted to do projection at Red Rocks but it takes such firepower to get brighter then the ambient light there and with shows nearly every day of the year its nearly impossible to get dark time to line up the projectors so we went in the day before our show but had to wait for that nights show to finish first.  To add to the complexity I had Morpheus send half the lighting gear to BNP for prep and VER was doing the projection.  I chose a total of 8 x 32k projectors making two images, one upstage and one on the floor,  and I had to figure out the proper lensing for the projectors so 4 projectors could be stitched together to make one fullscreen image.  Then once the show started it was a real struggle to not blow out the video with the light rig and since shows at Red Rocks start pretty early I basically had one set per day to show off this incredibly expensive and complex thing we had built so basically every jam I would turn off the light rig and let the video projection be the focus.

2 – grandMA 2 full
1 – grandMA 2 motorized fader wing
24 – Martin Mac Axiom Hybrid
 7 – Martin Mac Quantum Wash
 16 – Mega Lite Brite Stripe LED
18 – Clay Paky Scenius Spot
12 – Ayrton VersaPix – RS
21 – Chauvet Strike 4
8 – Ayrton MagicBurst
32 – Ayrton MagicBlade – R
6 – Vari-lite VL3500 Wash FX
12 – Ayrton AlienPix – RS
16 – SGM Q7 Strobe
8 – Base Haze
6 – Radience Haze
5 – FQ100 Fogger
2 – Panasonic AV-HS450N Switchers
2 – Sony BRC-H700 PTZ Cameras
1 – Sony BRC-Z700 PTZ Camera
5 – Iconix HD-RH1 POV Cameras
2 – MA VPU Plus MK2
Projection and Video Wall
8 – Barco HDF-W30 Flex Projectors
8 – Barco 0.73 SX/.67HD TLD+ Lenses
1 – Barco Encore E2 Processor
75 – ROE 7.5mm LED Panels

Andrew Cass – LD
L2 = Cassady Miller-Halloran
PM = Matty Veech
Lighting Techs = Joe Casper, Kendra Richard, James Watt, Kiel Heerding
SM = Jesse Baiotto
Projector Tech = Steven Marr

Photos by Dylan Langille

Concerts SCI

SCI – Red Rocks 2017