The String Cheese Incident

Summer Tour 2018

This was a great tour and one of the reasons was because this rig was very easily scalable to each venue.  Because it was based around pods we could change a lot of the rigging for each venues particular restrictions.  This was the first time we did rigging plots for each venue in advance of the tour.  Without video the setup and take down of the rig everyday is considerably faster than usual which is necessary to make the drives on this tour.

20 x Viper Profile
28 x Axiom Hybrid
15 x Beye K20
8 x Impression X4Bar
20 x ACL 360 Bar
20 x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
10 x 4 Lite Mole

Andrew Cass – LD
L2 = Cassady Miller Halloran
Crew Chief = Chris Ruppel
Lighting Tech = Sean Ginsburg

Concerts SCI

SCI – Summer 2018