The String Cheese Incident

Summer Tour 2019

This summer was pretty much broken up into weekends and good thing because this rig was more difficult to fit into most rooms and both the weight and the fact the pods had to be close to each other made it difficult.  Luckily I had Chris Ruppel as my full time L2 now and Paul Thomas on cameras so we had a great team.   This was my first time bringing Clearwing out as vendor and they provided me with a great crew and crew chief in Matt Beadenkopf.  Now that we had gotten some time with the Ai servers I pushed the camera system to be my primary video source and cut a bunch of the content out of the show.   Besides the 2019 redesign I spent many weeks doing a full programming redesign as well.

24 x Viper Profile
26 x Axiom Hybrid
24 x Impression X4 Bar
20 x Impression X4s
25 x JDC-1 Strobe
16 x Martin Quantum Wash (8 with Top Hats)
13 x 4 Lite Blinder
8 x Haze
8 x Fog

Andrew Cass – LD
L2 = Chris Ruppel
Camera Operator = Paul Thomas
Head Lighting Tech = Matt Beadenkopf
Lighting Tech = Mollie Clevidence

Concerts SCI

SCI – Summer Tour 2019