The String Cheese Incident

2014 Tour

My first design for SCI and I decided to start with perhaps the most complicated fixture ever made the High End Systems DL3.  This fixture is a moving projector but it has the ability to merge two projectors into one image so I figured I would use two for the center diamond and one each for the outside diamond.  I spent a bunch of time at the vendor figuring out how all of this worked and loading each fixture with content while making the content at the same time.  The rest of the rig changed based on what we could fit but it when it was all in it consisted of Mac III, Sharpy, and 101 or 301.


There are also some photos from Wakarusa in 2014 which used our touring rig and the house rig together.

4 x DL3
12 x Clay Paky Sharpy
16 x 301 or 101
18 Mac III Profile

Andrew Cass – LD

I’m pretty sure Sean Mullen was the Crew Chief of this tour.

Photos by Rachele Cole, Brian Spady

Concerts SCI

SCI – 2014 Tour