The Disco Biscuits

Camp Bisco Eleven 2010

This was my first time doing lights for the band I had worked backline for many years already, The Disco Biscuits.  My good friend Johnny R Goode had asked me to fill in as he was having his first child and it just happen to be at the biggest show of the year.  Camp Bisco was started by The Disco Biscuits and was growing into one of the largest EDM festivals in the U.S. at this time so the production was substantial for this part in my career.  The lasers were controlled using a separate MIDI controller but I the video walls were pretty new for me so I started harvesting content and figuring out a plan.  I was using Arkaos at the time which the production company wanted me to leave on stage so I decided to connect a GoPro Camera to the video server to get live camera inputs.  Problem was I could only use one camera and it had to be close to the server and I had 4 musicians.  So I built a rolling cart to put the server on and looked at each setlist and chose who got the camera based on song choice.  The choices I specifically remember are Marc Brownstein the bass player for a song called “Nughuffer” where he tells some kind of a cannabis related story and Allen the drummer for his only real drum solo in the catalog in “Jigsaw Earth”.

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The Disco Biscuits – Camp Bisco Eleven 2010