The Disco Biscuits

City Bisco 2017

These shows were at Irving Plaza and Coney Island and we brought out some lights and lasers and used the house rigs in each venue.  If I remember correctly the house rig at Coney was all old crap and I didn’t use it much.  The other thing I remember about Coney is that front of house was sunken down below the level of the seats and since everyone was standing I could barely see the band.

We brought with us
12 x Lightwave Phenom
12 x Martin Mac III
6 x Elation Protron Strobes

Photos by Andrew Blackstein

09/20/2017 Irving Plaza NYC

09/21/2017 Irving Plaza NYC

09/22/2017 Coney Island Champions > Shimmy

09/22/2017 Coney Island

09/23/2017 Coney Island

Concerts tDB

The Disco Biscuits – City Bisco 2017