The Disco Biscuits

Mission Ballroom 2023

  This show was really special for me as I got to collaborate with Johnny R Goode who is an old friend and who I had subbed for many times but never really got to work with directly so he controlled the lighting and laser and I controlled the video and cameras system we used for the video.   The system I built for this show used Resolume as the hub for all the different software and camera inputs.  Along with Resolume I also added Synesthesia which does sound reactive video and Microdose VR which uses a 3D VR environment to make a 2D output that you can control in either VR or using a gamepad.

Andrew Cass – VJ & Camera Op
Johnny R Goode – LD

Photos by Tara Gracer & Sam Silkworth

Concerts tDB

The Disco Biscuits – Mission Ballroom 2023