The Disco Biscuits

Summer 2023

Got the call on this gig about two weeks before it started and the gear and cable was already decided so I couldn’t change much as far as design.  I programmed the lighting and cued up 1 song (Helix). I teched the shows along with operated and after the 2 week west coast tour there is one weekend of east coast shows included here as well.

24 x Robe Spikie
14 x GLP X4 Bar20
1 x GrandMA2 Fullsize
1 x Crappy hazer
6 x Burst Berry 5w Laser

Andrew Cass – LD

Tara Gracer was our touring photographer for west coast tour.
Dave DeCrescente was photographer for August Run

Concerts tDB

The Disco Biscuits – Summer 2023