The Disco Biscuits

Syracuse 2019

This show I was covering for my friend Johnny R Goode.  I only added the 12 phenoms and a GrandMA2 Fullsize.  The venue was part of the state fair complex I believe and was basically an empty warehouse.   I absolutely loved operating this show and I think it was some of my best work with Phenoms yet.

12 x Martin Viper Profile
12 x Chinese Knockoff Sharpy
12 x Lightwave Phenom
8 x Mac 2k Wash
15 x Mac 600 Wash (Maybe 8 of them worked)
18 x Martin Atomic 3000 Strobe
4 x 4 Light Mole

Production Manager: Pat Hutchinson
Lighting Director: Andrew Cass
Tour Manager: Ryan Noel
Interim Tour Manager: Drew Granchelli
Guitar Tech: Scott Davis
Bass & Keyboard Tech: Jesse Soifer
Drum Tech: Matt Sikorski
Monitor Engineer: Bryan Woldar
FOH Engineer: Rich Steele
Production Assistant: Lacey Simmons

Photos by Sam Silkworth
Produced by Drew Granchelli, The Disco Biscuits, Chris Lonergan, & Lonnie Davis
Directed & Edited by: Chris Lonergan
Stream Tech: Lonnie Davis
Cameras: Gregg Miller, Alex Mazer, Chris Lonergan

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The Disco Biscuits – Syracuse 2019